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Exclude Sale Items from Discount Codes in Shopify

Basically Shopify has no options to exclude products from Discount Codes.
BUT you can select a collection on which the discount code should apply to.

By using our app, you can create those collections dynamically adjusting without worrying about it anymore.

This guide explains how to prevent your sale products from being combined with Discount Codes to avoid unwanted double reductions.

1. Tag all your Products with "not-on-sale"

select all products in shopify

add a tag to all of your products

add tag not-on-sale

2. Create a new Collection with products tagged with "not-on-sale"

create a collection with products tagged with not-on-sale

3. Create or edit your discount codes to only include Products that are not on sale.

create or edit your discount code and apply it to your collection

4. Inside our app select the option to "Delete Product Tag while Sale is running" and insert "not-on-sale"

inside Sale & Discount Manager selected delete prodcut tag while sale is running

5. That's it!

When now running your sale campaign your selected products will automatically be excluded from the collection „not-on-sale“ you created before and therefore cannot be further discounted with Discount Codes.
After the sale ends the tag „not-on-sale" will be automatically added to this collection again and Discount Codes will work for these products.