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As we are online store owners ourselves, we totally understand your needs – therefore we created the Sale & Discount Manager, an „all in one“ sale app to help you set-up and manage you discount and sale campaigns smooth and easy as pie. We hope you´ll love it!

Recommended for Black Friday & Cyber Monday BFCM

Especially trough BFCM our app is extremely helpful and reliable. Schedule you sales weeks beforehand and relax. The App will do the work for you!

Choose your range

You decide, whether you want to add just a few hand-picked products, collections or the whole store to your sale with just a few clicks – fast, foolproof and reliable. Of course you can put an unlimited number of products on sale!

Sale options (% or $)

You choose the type of reduction you prefer – an percentage discount or a fix discount by $ / €.

Time your sale

Start a sale immediately or set the clock for your campaigns by easily clicking the start and end date and time in the calendar. After the set timeframe prices automatically go back to their origin level

Edit your sale whenever you want

Once you have set your sale, no matter if it is already running or scheduled, you can easily edit all features at any time!

Self-Updating Overview

After setting the discounts and selecting the products all sale items are shown in a structured overview with pictures and origin / sale prices so you can see and amend your campagins very easy and intuitive

You can rely on us!

We put a lot of effort to create a reliable product without superfluous and confusing features. The functions work smoothly during all seasons of the year and loading times are reduced to the minimum to save you time and stress.

Other features

  • Run multiple sales at the same time
  • Round your prices up or down for a nicer look
  • Put unlimited products on sale
  • Prices automatically go back to their origin level
  • Far better and more effective than discount codes
  • You can use a free gift app at the same time by checking our „free-gift-option“