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1. What is the primary use case of this app?

Its all about product performance. We present hard to extract product KPIs - picture based and intuitive, very easy to handle in one clear dashboard.

2. For whom is the app useful?

For all persons involved in the ecommerce business with a shopify store. This app offers very helpful product based information and can be used from an intern to the CEO.

3. Is this app hard to handle / understand?

No, this app is made for ecommerce beginners as well as for pros and is very easy to handle and self explaining. We included a tutorial to demonstrate all functions in detail.

4. How can I watch the tutorial?

You find the tutorial in the personal icon button (top of the page, left side) where you can also adjust your account, the permissions etc..

5. This app requests very confidential information - is my data safe?

Your data is save with us – we are liable to the very strict European DSGVO and take this seriously.

6. What are these „hard to extract KPIs“ you talk about?

We show you data like your product perfomance, bestselling products, bestselling variants, products with the highest return rate, return rate for each product, share of products sold in sale, share of products sold with checkout-discounts, inventory, sell trogh rate and much more.

7. What do you mean by product performance?

We split product performance into 3 different channels: „Combined“, „Sold“ and „Returned“ (combined = sold – returned). For each channel you get a picture based crystal clear overview to see the sequence of your bestselling products, your products with the highest return rate or the combination.

8. What does the percentage number next to the sold quantity mean and why is it colored sometimes?

This number shows you the return rate of this product in the given timeframe. If the return rate is above 30% it gets orange, above 50% the number gets red to show potential problems.

9. What is the sell trough rate?

The sell trough rate shows you the percentage amount of a product you have sold in a predefined timeframe. It is calculated with the following formula: sell trough rate = (sold – returned) / (sold – returned + inventory)

10. What does inventory mean?

The inventory shows you the whole stock of a product over all locations and variants. At the moment we do not offer a more detailed filtering of the inventory.

11. Is there a chance to filter within the app?

Of course, in the settings there are various opportunities to filter the performance. You can filter by product types, tags and locations.

12. Is there a chance to adjust the settings?

You can adjust the timeframe you are interested in by choosing from some preselected periods or customize your own timeframe. The number of products you want to take a look at can also be adjusted (depending on your chosen plan) as well as whether you want to see total sales or sold quantities.

13. Is there a chance to get more detailed information about a single product?

Of course, with a click on a product you see more details about its performance - the best sold variants, the sales over time, the sell trough rate, the inventory etc. See this information in a chronological diagram and hover for even more date based details. You can filter this data to adjust the overview according to your needs. If you need further information click on the shopify symbol in the headline and you will directed there.

14. How do I see my best performing sale products?

Just go to settings and filter by the tag you summarize your „sale“ products.

15. What is the difference between „Products sold at full price“ / „Products sold in sale“?

You see the % and revenue share of the products sold at full price and the products sold in sale. „Products sold in sale“ are reduced directly in your online store (NOT via discount codes). With a click you see your best performing sale campaigns. FYI: The sum of „Products sold in sale“+ „Products sold at full price“ + „shipping price“ is equal to „Orders“.

16. What are „Orders with / without Checkout Discounts“?

You see the % and revenue share of „Orders with Checkout Discounts“ (discount codes, scripts or automatic discounts) and „Orders without Checkout Discounts“. All those reductions apply in the check out process and are therefore summarized here. To give you a quick check of the best performing discount codes we lined them up accordingly and with a hover you see how often they have been used in the given timeframe. FYI: The sum of „Orders with Checkout Discounts“ + „Orders without Checkout Discounts“ is equal to „Orders“.

17. How are Gift cards handled?

We handle gift cards exactly as shopify does: The day you sold a gift card in your shop it is not shown in the Orders (although you get the money in your bank account). The day the gift card is used by the customer you will see this in your Orders. To give you an overview of the ratio between „Sold Gift Cards“ and „Paid with Gift Cards“ we show you these numbers here.

18. How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan for the app?

As our plans are aligned with your shopify plan you enter our app at the same level. You can upgrade from any plan as much as you like (downgrade is only possible until to reach your current shopify plan). You can find the upgrades in the personal icon button (top of the page, left side).

19. Is there a chance to give different users different access to data / different permissions?

Of course - as most of the data is confidential the admin can choose which permissions you want to give the different users (starting with the Standard Plan).


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